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The Urban Monk

The Urban Monk by Pedram Shojai, OMDI love the humour, practical exercises and meditation tips in this book that are so relevant and helpful to cut across the chaos of today.

The Urban Monk  by Pedram Shojai offers Eastern Wisdom and Modern Hacks to Stop Time and Find Success, Happiness, and Peace. Discover how the calmness of Zen masters can help you stop time, refuel, and focus on the things that really matter.

Our world is an overwhelming place. Each day’s commitments to career and family take everything we’ve got, and we struggle to focus on our health, relationships, and purpose in life. Technology brings endless information to our fingertips, but the one thing we really want – a sense of satisfaction and contentment – remains out of reach.

Here is a no-nonsense life mastery program with clear tools to elevate your existence. Learn to honour the body and mind, discharge stuck energy, and shake free from toxicity and excess stress.

Want some inspiration? You can buy it here.