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Caroline Levine CPCC
Life, Business &
Branding Coach


My singular goal is to help successful professionals bring
more passion and purpose into their lives!

Balancing a life and career is never easy. Living a life of purpose can be challenging. Can we really achieve our goals and create joy and happiness at the same time?

I know the answer is a resolute: “Yes”. Through a proven-process of understanding and aligning values, goals and actions, I help my clients live a life according to their true values. I am the catalyst for change. I help my clients move towards deeper self-understanding and enable them to achieve profound and positive changes in their lives, personally and professionally.

I am their secret weapon.


I helped build one of the UK’s leading events management companies putting on over 1,200 events each year. I built the UK’s 3rd fastest growing B2B marketing agency helping numerous SME’s achieve spectacular growth. And I continue to practice as a Certified Professional Co-Active Life & Business Coach serving a small number of amazing entrepreneurs / directors /  independent professionals who want to be the best they can be!

I am a true maverick who has bucked the system and learnt to live life to its fullest. I’ve travelled extensively in Central America, Europe and Asia, led expeditions Worldwide, worked with rock bands throughout Europe and continue to raise a loving family.

I am passionate about empowering professionals to live life with freedom, adventure, grit and spirit!

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Beware coaching is not regulated. No barriers to entry mean that untrained individuals can call themselves coaches!

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC). This means my training is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), ensuring it met with its required standards.

Following a year’s training on the core skills of Fulfilment, Balance and Process I set up my practice.  I then progressed to complete an in-depth six-month program recognised as the most rigorous in the industry. The intense training included hands-on coaching, ongoing group work and one-on-one supervision of actual coaching sessions. After successful completion of the program I took a written and oral certification exam to gain the CPCC qualification.

I’m sure you are mindful to hire a chartered accountant for your finances. So, ensure your coach is suitably qualified!
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Long-term results don’t happen overnight. While insights can be instantaneous and dramatic, real change takes time to integrate. It takes honesty, focus and will power. It’s all about intentionality and discipline. I help you stay on track and not wobble.

121 clients commit to at least 3 months coaching, although more realistically this tends to be 6 months to a year for significant change. A longer discovery session sets the course, I hold you accountable and support you to reach your specific goal(s). Each session is unique, as every client is different, but we always focus on what will give the maximum benefit towards success.

The Get Clients Now group follows a year’s structured programme with retreats each month that focus on a specific business area. We assess, look at options, plan and each participant commits to take actions in the intervening time. Additional support via email is available between retreats.

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I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing clients, below are some of their comments:

Caroline is the consummate professionalism, always looking for ways to connect people for their benefit and I can’t recommend her skills highly enough ~ Claire, Financial Planner

Caroline was really helpful in coaching me to being far more effective at work! It really made a huge difference to the results I achieved ~ Sarah, Consultant

Blew me away! I wasn’t quite ready for Caroline’s mercenary approach, but boy did it make a difference. Thank you Caroline! ~ Julie, Managing Director

Caroline managed to channel all my troubled emotions and made me focused on myself during a pivotal moment of my adult life, after many years, I still use some of her guide lines when I face difficult times. ~ Alex, Executive Chef


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