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Certified Professional Co-Active Coach®
Hire Yourself a
Secret Weapon


My ultimate goal is to help you define & live your true purpose

Ditch excuses, re-ignite your mojo and live the vibrant life your soul yearns for.  Discover how to design your own success map and bring passion and purpose into your life and/or business.

Together we’ll uncover what you really want.  Together we’ll uncover what holds you back.  Together we’ll uncover the path to get you there.

Don’t settle for mediocrity, dare to dream big!  Don’t focus on short term wins, build something of lasting value!  Five years from now, make sure that you can look yourself in the mirror and say that you didn’t just settle for life, you actively chose it.

I am your secret weapon.

Create a vision for your life/business that is so alluring, it takes your breath away. Overcome obstacles in your path.  Create a life filled with authenticity, energy and colour.

Get your life rocking!  Buckle up, it’s going to be fun!

with Love & Light,
Caroline xxxxx


Through a proven-process of understanding and aligning values, vision and core purpose I help my clients live an authentic life according to their true values.

Everything in each session is completely confidential.

I mainly use the CoActive model of coaching which provides good strong frameworks to find one’s true path or calling.  Moving consciously towards fulfilment through deeper self-understanding I help clients reveal unconscious stories, uncover what’s holding them back and engage hidden drivers to keep on track.  I have the tools to help clients map out a way and I ensure that they take forward action, over and over and over again.

Living on purpose is energising, meaningful and authentic. The world so needs us to stand up right now.

If life has caused you to review where you now is the time to define your core purpose and take positive action.

Invest in your future.


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Go on. Do it!


I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC).
Trained in 1999, I was one of the early adopters for coaching in the UK.

Over the years I’ve helped numerous individuals re-imagine their lives from radio presenters to executive chefs, business owners to ecologists and head teachers to lawyers.

But I’m more than just a life coach.  I’ve run multiple businesses, some quite successful:  I’ve helped build one of the country’s leading event management companies from a turnover of £1M to £13M.  I’ve started several businesses from scratch including a retail company for band merchandise and another for re-purposed furniture.  More recently I founded B2B’s UK’s 3rd fastest growing marketing agency and an exit advisory boutique for business owners.

I’ve travelled extensively in Central and Eastern Africa, Central America, Europe and Asia, and have lived in France where I raised my two boys (now teenagers) in their early years.

I have eclectic interests from travel, psychology to the esoteric.  I draw on a wide range of unusual life experiences including; leading expeditions and organising bespoke events Worldwide, I’ve promoted rock concerts, worked with bands, driven class 1 articulated lorries and taught people to drive hovercraft.  Some say I am a true maverick who has bucked the system and learnt to live life to its fullest.  I think I’ve just had fun and did what I wanted, despite what others advised was possible.

I am passionate about to living life with freedom, adventure, grit and spirit and know that you can too.

Get in touch to liberate your life.


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Intense Deep Dive for
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Ongoing Progress

Start with a complimentary sample session to see if I am a good fit for you.  Work through a live issue, complete some homefun, then connect for a quick review and to complete the circle.  At this stage there is no obligation on either side to continue.

An intense discovery session sets the course as we start to design your own person map of success.  This deep dive is significantly longer than the weekly push sessions giving a chance to uncover core values, vision and goals.  Really get to grip with what has worked, define obstacles and we actively design the relationship so that I can best support you.  This is usually a kick off session for 121 coaching but can be used as a stand-alone activity.

Long-term results don’t happen overnight and 121 weekly coaching sessions keep you moving forward.  Between sessions I will challenge you to take action and I will hold you accountable.  It will take honesty and will power to reach your goal(s), I help you stay on track and not wobble.  Each session is unique, as every client is different, but we always focus on what will give the maximum benefit at that time towards your vision.

While insights can be instantaneous and dramatic, real change takes time to integrate.  It’s all about intentionality, focus and discipline.  Clients usually commit to at least 3 months coaching, although more realistically expect significant change to take 6 months to a year.

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I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing clients, below are some of their comments:

I was struck by her enthusiasm and absolute grasp of her profession in what was then, the ground breaking field of coaching...  Caroline is the consummate professionalism, always looking for ways to connect people for their benefit and I can’t recommend her skills highly enough ~ Claire, Financial Planner

Caroline was really helpful in coaching me to being far more effective at work!  It really made a huge difference to the results I achieved ~ Martin, Consultant

I found my coaching with Caroline well structured, hugely insightful and very constructive. She guided me through the process clearly and professionally, enabling me to discover my values and understand how to move forwards with a much greater sense of direction, particularly in my personal life.  I would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach who will set you at your ease while challenging you to recognise and work towards your goals in life. ~ Sarah, Ecologist

Caroline managed to channel all my troubled emotions and made me focused on myself during a pivotal moment of my adult life, after many years, I still use some of her guide lines when I face difficult times. ~ Alex, Executive Chef

Blew me away!  I wasn’t quite ready for Caroline’s mercenary approach, but boy did it make a difference.  Thank you Caroline! ~ Paul, Managing Director


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