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Say NO to get YES

What I’ve discovered in talking to a wide range of owner/directors is that it is super easy to get buried under a tsunami of “issues” and “admin“. The problem with these constant  distractions is that you will never actually get to “working on the business”. And not being focussed on opportunities now could lead to it not thriving in the future!

If this sounds familiar then think about how you can take back control of your agenda. With Spring just around the corner it’s time for a clean slate.

As Lao Tzu once said, “less is more”. So learning to say ‘no’ is key to balance. Our greatest achievements are delivered with 20% of our effort (80:20 rule) – so the key is to de-clutter and focus on the 20%!

Connect to what you really crave and work out your ultimate desired outcome. Really challenge yourself to expand this to a higher purpose that will motivate you and could help drive you through any “dark nights of the soul”. Then be brutally honest about where you are now, see where you are being hi-jacked or are stuck.

Once you are clear on your current position and where you are headed, work back to see what you need to focus on. Make a list, prioritise. Everything else you must expunge, think:

  1. Dump
  2. Delegate  or
  3. Do

[For an out of the box, extreme view author of The 4 Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris, suggests that you must ditch all email “here’s how he does it!]

Be mercenary, treat your time as if it were your most valuable asset. Say no to everything that is not forwarding you or your business! Flip any negativity and re-connect with the passion you had when you began. Once you have engaged your winner mindset – Plan effectively | Take action | Review and repeat.

The trick is to stay motivated, work with a great coach or find someone to hold you accountable as if this really mattered. Good luck! If you want to test for yourself how this can impact your life and business book a sample session now!